24X50-Premium White Bath towels 86/14 Blend


Bath Towels 24×50(10 Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

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Premium White Bath Towels

Premium white bath towels are a great addition to any bathroom, whether in your home or your business. When stepping out of a bath or shower, luxury white bath towels offer that spa-like feel. With us, you can enjoy this luxury experience without breaking the bank and our towels are designed to last, saving you even more.

Why Premium White Bath Towels?

Our premium white bath towels are wholesale priced, ensuring you can buy as many of them as you need for your home or business. The generous 24 x 50 dimensions ensure you can wrap yourself up thoroughly after a bath or shower.

Our towels offer premium quality, ensuring absorbency, softness and comfort. Our thick towels have a heavy 10.5 pound per dozen weight, meaning they’re fluffy and thick. Designed with quality fabrics, they stay bright and soft wash after wash. In fact, in most cases, you can wash off stains and dirt with just one wash, meaning you put less stress on the fabric.

Buy Premium Blend White Bath Towels From Us

Our premium white cotton bath towels are made from 14% polyester and 86% cotton. This unique blend allows for longer laundry life, ensuring that that your towels stay soft, fluffy and white. This small portion of polyester offers extra durability.

Ready to Order Your Premium White Bath Towels?

If you’re looking for premium bath towels at wholesale prices, order with Towel Super Center. If you’d like to pair your premium bath towels with other colors, we have several to choose from. You can even create a whole set of bath towels, hand towels and other towels from our selections. Order today to take advantage of our great prices and exceptional service.

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