Premium White Bath towels 100% Cotton


Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

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Enjoy a Versatile White Bath Towel Perfect for Home and Business!

The white bath towel is an essential item in just about any household, as well as many companies. If you’ve been looking for one in a generous size that’s priced at wholesale rates, welcome to Towel Super Center.

Our goal is to buy in bulk and then pass along great deals to you. The more premium bath towels you order from us, the lower your per towel cost becomes. It’s the easiest way to stock up without overspending!

Order your favorite wholesale bath towels, as well as other towels and linens, online.

Luxury in a Premium Bath Towel

Why is our white bath towel considered a luxury by so many customers? First, it’s a perfect size for getting completely dry. At 22″ by 44″, it’s big enough for most people to only need one after a shower or dip in the pool.

Another advantage of our white bath towel is the heavy weight of the cotton fibers. At five pounds per dozen towels, this is a fluffy monster! However, it’s also strong enough to withstand use after use. You may be surprised at how long your premium bath towel lasts compared to other towels you’ve tried.

Finally, this is one bath towel that keeps getting softer the more you use it. Rather than becoming stiff or matted down, the fibers are constructed to stay plush. Is it any wonder that this is a bestseller at Towel Super Center? Be sure to buy your supply today to make sure they arrive quickly!

A Great Towel for Many Corporate Uses

Can you use a big white bath towel in your business? Absolutely. You might be surprised by the types of businesses that frequently turn to us for their bath towel needs:

  • Hotels, Motels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts. Overnight establishments want to make their guests feel pampered, and these towels definitely make a great first impression! Plus, cotton’s odor-resisting and stain-fighting powers help keep towels looking newer longer.
  • Pet Spas. For many people, their pets are like family. As such, they want them to experience only the best when they’re being groomed, clipped and cared for. Pet spas and groomers can use these generous towels to wrap up pooches with ease. Additionally, cotton feels soft even on sensitive pets’ skin.
  • Salons. Hair salons appreciate having a towel that’s made from thirsty cotton. Not only does this enable them to use fewer towels per person, but it means less time laundering daily.
  • Fitness Facilities. Gyms and health clubs go through numerous bath towels each day as their patrons engage in workouts and then want to clean off post-activity. Having the right towels makes all the difference.
  • Educational Facilities. Many schools urge students to take showers after they’ve taken gym classes. Offering young people a premium bath towel makes it more likely for them to continue proper hygiene.

Of course, premium bath towels are ideal for home use, too!

Want to revitalize your supply of bath towels? Trust Towel Super Center to bring you high-quality products at exceptional prices.

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